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Welcome to Freedom Financial Research!

When forming Freedom Financial Research, we asked ourselves a simple question:

How can we serve self-directed investors, like you, without the crazy copy, manipulative marketing techniques, and unbelievable gains claims

And there was only one answer.

“Let’s get back to first principles.”

What do we mean by “first principles?”

When the financial newsletter business was in its infancy, hardworking editors did everything in their power to increase the wealth of their subscribers, while providing entertaining and informative content.

That’s all we aim to do.

We live in an era where it’s critical we make our money work for us.

There’s simply no way to retire on a “fixed income” when rampant inflation eats most of those returns.

After all, inflation is just another tax that’s levied by a central bank instead of a legislature.

In essence, every year you start down 10%.

So, what you must do is make up that 10% plus create the returns you need to retire in comfort and leave your wealth to your heirs.

Paper finance doesn’t cut it anymore.

Then where are the outsized returns we need to accomplish our investing objectives?

They reside in the supply chain.

Nearly everyone planet-wide is suddenly aware of the supply chain and its myriad issues.

But almost no one knows how to profit from it.

Whether by inept government policy, regional wars, or severe weather, our supply chain has been hindering the flow of goods around the world.

Like a clogged garden hose, bubbles form at certain pressure points.

Knowing where those bubbles form is the key to creating outsized profits in the real world.

Forget about the Nasdaq, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

We’re back in the real world now.

And there’s no one who knows the supply chain better than Freedom Financial Research's lead off editor and analyst, Mark Rossano.

Mark has been studying the supply chain since his days at Morgan Stanley, one of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment banks.

Mark was so successful, he now owns his own investment firm, C6 Holdings, that invests in natural resources, energy, and transportation.

There’s no one – and we mean no one – who can guide you through the maze of the world’s resource markets better than Mark can.

We believe our research can not only help you create the life you’re aiming for, but also help you better understand how the world works.

Remember, Freedom Financial Research was built to serve you without all the impossible claims, false scarcity, and editorial pomposity you may find in some of our competitors.

That’s our pledge to you.

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